The outside of Muziekgieterij

Last season was the final season in the ‘old’ Muziekgieterij and we think we might say that we went out with a bang. We think it’s time for a recap for what happened over the past year in our most favorite place in Maastricht.

Extraordinary artists

First of all we had some really extraordinary artists over in Muziekgieterij playing their first gigs ever in Maastricht. We kicked off the Linke Soto season with Joey Anderson, with a packed club as a result after a perfect warmup by local favorite Lewie and our own Dayak. Later that season we invited Bjarki for a one of a kind ‘Happy Earthday’ liveset, which was a real belter. Powerful sets by Plata Morgana’s Perill and Linke Soto’s Roy Habets accompanied the artist from Iceland perfectly.

Techno legends

In November we kicked things up a notch with the legendary Surgeon and Lady Starlight, accompanied by our Italian friend Neel and henna.essa (Plata Morgana). It was our first collaboration with EPM Music and Muziekgieterij, but this night was a real proof of concept for the ‘golden triangle’ that we were aiming for.

Detroit (and London) in Maastricht

Ever had the feeling that you unexpectedly outdone yourself? That’s what happened when we published the March event with Motor City Drum Ensemble and Robert Hood. Ticket sales went through the roof and as a cherry on top we also had the chance to collaborate for the first time with Boiler Room. Our minds were blown, we guess yours were too.

Boiler Room: Maastricht Robert Hood

Boiler Room with Robert Hood // Floorplan live now in Muziekgieterij, Maastricht!

Geplaatst door Linke Soto op Vrijdag 22 maart 2019

De Toko

Big up yourselves, because thanks to all the (loyal) dancers who came down to De Toko over the past one-and-a-half years we managed to create a space for local DJs to flourish and where likeminded people could meet. Next to our local heroes, we also had Nathan Micay (formerly known as Bwana) and the lovely Lux over, who opened and closed the 2018/2019 season in the former office space. But we should definitely shout out to all the other crews and artists involved, because without you we weren’t able to create a platform that we were all longing for such a long time.

Helena Hauff

And oh Helena, what did you do to us? It wasn’t the easiest night for us, but it was one of the most memorable ones. After sets by Roy Habets and Daniel Miller, the electro queen from Hamburg brought down the house with ease. After the minutes-long chant we can’t imagine that she wouldn’t want to come back to Maastricht.

Hello, goodbye?

So, let’s goodbye to the old and look forward to saying ‘Hello’ to the new. From this August on we’re kicking into gear for a new club night. See you guys at Soto Club next season.