(Soto) Radio killed the video star

We’ve gotten tired of watching all those live streams. Tired of waiting to creating new events too, because we cannot wait to have another party with you. Our goal is to share great music, both live as digital, but without the necessity of moving images. So when we got a chance to host Soto Radio, a pop-up radioshow with an audience and food, we couldn’t resist.

Soto Radio

It has been a long-cherished dream of ours to showcase more than just music for the dance floor. A radio show is one of the most interesting ways to offer this kind of possibility. Because we love to learn and share. It’s something that we do on a daily basis: getting to know new music thanks to the radio.


Like many others we could have decided to start a podcast series, but we felt that there were enough podcasts out there already. We experimented with the format in the past, but lack of time and focus our endeavours eventually quit. We do consider offering the Soto Radio broadcasts as podcasts, as long as we actually add some value for our fans and listeners.


When you think about radio, you probably don’t think about food right-away. But before the pandemic no one thought about people being seated in a club either. On September 17th, 2020, we did the unthinkable: we recorded a radio show with an audience and served Indonesian food. And you loved it, so we hope to welcome you back as soon as it’s possible again. We might even consider Soto Radio as the warm-up for a night at Soto Club.

Start (over)

We’re keeping everything digital for the time being, though, and Soto Radio is returning on January 29th for a weekly show. Every Friday from 21:00 you can listen to the broadcast on our live page. It’s the start of a new journey for us, so we hope you’ll join us. It might not be a (real) night out like we usually offer, but this ‘next best thing’ might even appeal to all of you music lovers. Give it a try, we’ll see you there.

January 2021
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