Recorded at Minggu

After almost two year of silence, we had our first run of Minggu events between July 3 until August 21, 2022. Muziekgieterij’s backyard, a place we had been eying for years now, and the industrial entrance hall were the places where the magic happened.

Local scene

Not just the main act DJs hadn’t had the chance to play any gigs, the same went for our local scene. Apart from several livestreams and a radio initiative¬†Maastricht got really quiet. It was high time to push the local scene again, because you don’t always need a big name DJ to have a great party. But it’s not just the DJs wanting to play, the local crowd is also craving for a good party. Minggu was the place to meet each other again.


The playlist below will get an update every now and then. So keep an eye out or follow us on SoundCloud!

linkesoto · Minggu
September 2022
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