Bwana / Nathan Micay

After a great first season at De Toko we’re back on September 14th. Canadian wonder boy Nathan Micay, also known as Bwana, and Maastricht’s favorite Syrian wizard Mâhfoud are going to heat up the place appropriately. Mark our words!


We are always on the look out for new surprising and inspiring artists and Bwana is among the men and women who are going to pay Maastricht a visit this year. The Canadian DJ and producer crossed our path with a track that got remixed by Avalon Emerson and we haven’t lost Nathan Micay out of sight ever since. His sound is hard to define, just like Avalon’s, but he knows his craft extremely well and he’ll get a dance floor moving without breaking a sweat. Nathan’s also a really gifted producer, creating amazing sounds within a short time frame. Just watch the next video in which he reworks a Taylor Swift track brilliantly:


This man is no stranger in Maastricht, especially for the people who have been around for some time. After Mâhfoud’s previous performance at De Toko, with the loving people from Couscous Discous and Love Foundation, we didn’t have to think twice about who would be on the bill next to Bwana. He played a funk-drenched set filled with indigenous rhythms and those who got lucky to get in were in a for a treat. This Summer he played at Afrika Burn and had a little Ibiza tour going on. Got warmed up yet? Make sure to come down early, since we only do door sale for De Toko.

Only the beginning

This night is only the beginning of what’s coming this season. We’re bringing in new artists, familiar faces and favorites that we had on our short list for too long to Maastricht. So mark your calendars as soon as we update our program. We’re working constantly in updating you as soon as possible, that way you won’t miss out. And if you really don’t want to miss out on any news, sign up for our newsletter. We will send you regular updates, but in a nice way.