crowd @ de toko januari 2018

We’re quickly heading towards the last night at De Toko before Summer. What started out as an experiment, is slowly becoming a staple in Maastricht’s nightlife. We needed a regular club night where people can come together and enjoy themselves with great selectors behind the decks.


Programming a club night can be really easy: just look at the charts and pick the cherries. We’ve challenged ourselves by looking for selectors whose game is below the surface. Not that we don’t favor the established artists, but they also had to start somewhere. And one of the greatest side-effects is that you also run into people that slowly turn into friends and in the end that’s what this is all about.

love on the dancefloor @ de toko januari 2018
(Picture by Vaag. Photography)


Did things go easy and as expected? Well, we’re still in the middle of the process, but we can look back at some really interesting nights people-wise and musically. From obscure house and techno gems with the 78 Crew in January to disco diggers Jef Hecker and Guillaume Colson in February, we are thrilled to have experienced such a start.

March showed us that Italians really are the masters of the dark art of techno, with Octopus Garden stretching her arms over the decks. Mercal couldn’t make it in the end, so Linke Soto’s own Roy Habets filled his spot nicely. The Lonely Planets crew, with honchos Mark Antoni and Aleks behind the decks, went somewhere beyond deep space 9 bringing some really deep techno to the (turn)table.

record bag @ de toko
(Picture by Vaag. Photography)


This weekend we’re celebrating freedom at De Toko together with the Couscous Discous crew and Mâhfoud. Maybe you heard them play together at Pilzkiste during Love Foundation’s 5 year anniversary, otherwise you’ll have to come and experience it yourself this upcoming Friday. With Federico and Pacifico behind the decks we expect to get some proper fire in the disco, so come down and celebrate freedom just before Summer takes over. May the 4th be with you!