crowd at linke soto

Could you really live one day without music? Take a moment to think about that question. We surely can’t. Too many people are experiencing this absence however, they once had the chance to enjoy the joy of hearing and now it’s only a vague memory.

Deafening silence

Imagine the deafening silence, or an annoying background hiss, every day for the rest of your life. We are grateful to still be able to listen to music without any drawbacks and we want to make sure you can so too.
We have noticed that people are aware of the possibilities of ear protection, but they never really took the time to really dive into it. That is why we want to help you rave responsibly.

Yellow foam plugs

Over the past decade we have been using different types of hearing protection and we sincerely think it’s one of the best investments you can do. We can imagine that it’s not possible for everyone to spend over €100 for a set of ear plugs. So we looked into affordable earplugs that really deliver and look pretty cool  at the same time. Say goodbye to the yellow foam plugs! Or shredded beer coasters, for that matter.

Test: 1, 2..

So last year we tested the ear plugs by Loop, which sound good and look cool while protecting your hearing. They even stood their ground pretty well compared to the custom-made molded plugs we usually wear. That’s something that seriously surprised us, taking their price into account. And did we already mention that they look really cool in midnight black or raving red?

Loop Nightlife - Responsible raving

Responsible raving

Together with Loop we believe in responsible raving, because we think your hearing is the most precious gift you got at birth. Therefor you can catch a set of Loop plugs with a 15% discount when you use the voucher code ‘LOOPLINKESOTO‘ at the checkout. Make sure to test them out next time at De Toko or Linke Soto!