One year of vinyl goodness in Maastricht cannot pass by unnoticed. So let’s let look back on Ben’s first year with Seventy Eight Records in our beautiful city.

Seventy Eight Records’ InStore

The notorious InStore events, currently 21 have taken place at Boschstraat 75, hosted local, national and international artists, like Donnie Londi, Wax Boutique, cv313, and Jef Hecker. We’ve been part of the festivities at the cosy store as well, playing all sorts of favorites.

Sold out

Last October the 78 crew sold out their first event ‘outside of the shop’ and played a solid set all night long, with people longing to get in. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, being the keepers of Maastricht’s gems within the vault they call Seventy Eight Records. Luckily for them, their stock is larger than their name suggests spanning well over everything between house, techno, acid, electro, afrobeat, zouk and the less than occasional soul record. The second-hand department goes well beyond that.

Seventy Eight Sticker at Linke Soto, picture by VAAG Photography


Next to your daily dose of fresh coffee, fruity beverages and vinyl records, Seventy Eight Records also makes sure you can get your tickets for Linke Soto events among others. We really love the fact that there’s finally a place for music enthusiasts, not solely meant for DJs and the likes. A place where you can meet and have a chat and dig through the new releases and the second-hand gems. ┬áTherefor we’re grateful to play a small part in the life of ’78’.

What’s next?

We would love to see the store grow even further, becoming a catalyst for the development of Maastricht’s (electronic music) scene. The city has a few venues that have a massive potential to help the city evolve on a musical level, so now there’s the time to collaborate and determine which way the path will lead us. We’ve already found a place to meet and talk, so will you join us? You know you want to.

Alright, now join us for a 78 times ‘hurray’, they deserve it!