Maastricht (black & white)

March 2017 has taken over and what a month it’s going to be. It has been quite a while since we published something on our website, but we are up and running again thanks to our friend Kevin who updated the website. We are finally up-to-date for 2017 and we hope you like our new online home too. Did you check out the art section yet?


It has been quite a journey over the past few years for Maastricht, with new possibilities opening up in several venues. Others closing down and leaving a void for new talent. Our good friend, and crew member, Ben opened a record store and creating a hub for the creatives in the city. And although we all have different ideas about how Maastricht’s night life should look like, we should all stick together and make the best out of it. In the end we are all one big family and we are only halfway in what we can accomplish.

Marcel Dettmann

So only positive vibes here, since March will be one of the most exciting months of this year! First reason to think so is Marcel Dettmann and cv313 who are playing at Sphinx at Muziekgieterij on the 17th, accompanied by Roy Habets. As Maastricht we can only be humbled and grateful to have artists this big over, just like Nina Kraviz played Complex a few weeks ago. Who would have thought about these things happening a few years ago? I am pretty confident the upcoming Sphinx is going to be a big night, with everyone fired up to do their utmost best.

10 Years Of Ilian Tape

Only 8 days later we are celebrating 10 years of Ilian Tape with the Munich crew. Zenker Brothers and Skee Mask are representing the label and they have been on our want list for a really long time now. Dario already showed up in Maastricht back in 2014 already, but his brother Marco and the addition of Skee Mask, who released his stunning debut album last year, will make this a night to remember. Dayak is going to represent Linke Soto and who couldn’t have picked a better crew member to do so. After his visit to Munich to join the brothers, he was determined to get them both back in our beloved hometown. We are preparing something special, you won’t be disappointed.


The most exciting, and even a bit terrifying, thing is yet to happen before all the festivities. The Dutch will head to the voting booths on March 15th and this year could be a turning point within our society as we know it. So please go and vote. Take your time to read everything carefully and follow both your head and heart on this one. (Y)Our future depends on it.

Words by: Roy Habets