Linke Soto x Novamute

Linke Soto x Novamute: Helena Hauff / Daniel Miller

For one last time we’re occupying the main room of the ‘old’ Muziekgieterij for a night together with EPM Music and Muziekgieterij. After an amazing night with Boiler Room and Motor City Drum Ensemble and Robert Hood, we’re proud to bring two another magnificent artists to Maastricht.

Helena Hauff

Some say that Helena is one of contemporary electro’s secrets hiding in plain sight. After kicking off her career at the Golden Pudel club in Hamburg, she has taken the world by storm with her refreshing take on electro and techno. Aside from being an excellent DJ, Helena Hauff has been putting out groundbreaking music on the Ninja Tune label.

Daniel Miller

Without Daniel people all over the world might not have known about Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Fad Gadget, besides many others. He has been instrumental to electronic music, by running his Mute Records & NovaMute labels, look up either of these labels and see the incredible roster of artists he has helped over the decades. With Daniel Miller playing at Muziekgieterij, we’re bringing in another legend to the Maastricht venue.

Roy Habets

Representing the local scene is Roy Habets, a member of the Linke Soto crew for over a decade. Not only does he know his way around advanced electronics, he also helped shaped the sound that the crew became known for.

Line up
+ Helena Hauff (Ninja Tune, DE)
+ Daniel Miller (NovaMute, UK)
+ Roy Habets (Linke Soto)

Date: Saturday May 18th
Tickets: €17,50 / Door sale: €25