What is Maastricht doing online during the COVID lockdown?

We might all be forced to stay in as much as possible due to the COVID pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot connect. Restrictions trigger creativity and in Maastricht it’s no different during this Corona crisis lockdown.

With Love Radio

We bumped into With Love Burrito’s Wyatt a couple of weeks ago, before the social distancing measures imposed by the government got worse. He talked about starting a radio station with all the parties being postponed. We loved the idea, but what we didn’t know was that With Love Radio‘s launch was imminent back then. So tune in for some Maasie goodness, because there’s a lot featured. They even created an app!

Terra Nova’s Take Away

Got your creative juices flowing but nothing to play with? The guys at Terra Nova got you covered with their Take Away service. They’ll deliver all the DJ gear you need, properly sanitized, to your doorstep. The only thing left for you is to turn up the music and stream what you’re cooking.

Plata Morgana

No new initiative, but the people at Plata Morgana ramped up their PMX series for everyone who needs a proper soundtrack during their lock-in. With contributions from local favorites and underground heroes there’s more than enough stuff in there, don’t forget to check out their back catalogue either.

What do you do during lockdown?

We’re have been regrouping after having postponed all events until Summer and after. It was hassle, but we found a way to get the artists we’d love to play at Soto Club after Summer and even added some new ones. What are you up to, during this lockdown?

April 2020
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