De Toko - banner 2018 by Ronja Ida Weia

With the year coming to an end, we’re glad to announce our new club night at Muziekgieterij. In the former office space of this monumental building we’ve found a perfect place for De Toko. This night focuses on local and regional artists, which has been a long overdue goal for the city’s promotors to give a go.


We really feel that the time is right to show what the city has to offer and that we should focus more on the local scene. Many enthusiasts and artists have returned to Maastricht, complemented by foreign students and expats who have shown a similar interest in electronic music. We want to offer them a stage to express themselves, to provide them with a place to share their love for music and where people can really meet again.

Club night

We have always envisioned Linke Soto to be a night where any type of electronic music can be played without feeling hesitation or anxiety that the crowd wouldn’t like it. We’ve come to a point that this is possible at our regular nights, but at De Toko we want to extend these possibilities even further. Artistic freedom for all, because Maastricht can use a club night without any constraints.


The kickoff will be done by the crew behind Seventy Eight Records, also known as the the 78 Crew, on Friday January 12th. On February 9th we’re taking it back to the roots of house music with Jef Hecker and Guillaume Colson. Expect some proper soul, funk, disco and house by the 120BPM crew! And as a bonus, since it’s almost carnaval by then, you might get lucky if you dress up in your most disco-ish outfit. That’s all we can share for now, but you’ll be in for a treat and that’s a promise.

So head over to the De Toko overview page, we’ll keep you posted there!