dark warehouse office

There is so much going on in Maastricht nowadays, underneath the surface that is. After months of preparing, connecting with artists and thinking about a blueprint, The Office at Muziekgieterij is finally opening its door on September 9th. The opening night features Warp Records’ and UK legend Andrew Weatherall and Maastricht’s own Donnie Londi, formerly known as Don Londi.


Maastricht isn’t really well-known for its club life, although there has been a lot happening when it comes to dance music in the southern capital over the past few years. It’s time to dust off the city’s image, by slowly moving towards a regular night where local artists can show the international crowd that inhabits Maastricht that there really is no need to leave our beautiful city for a proper night out. What is next? Thinking about steady growth, building something sustainable for a city this size. No need to push it further than necessary.

The Office

In the former joinery of the Sphinx factory, where Muziekgieterij found its current location about 4 years ago, a new room is opening up next month. The former office space is turned into a smaller room, making it an ideal space for no-nonsense club nights and the only ‘office where you would love to work overtime’. An intimate atmosphere in which one can be himself and doesn’t have to mind about how others perceive him. Because isn’t that in the end what clubbing is all about: connecting with like-minded people and not having to worry about everyday struggles?


The municipality has recently shown interest in pop culture and has acknowledged that electronic dance music is also part of this culture. We’re on the right track, pushing the boundaries of electronic music, blending in a club night next to the regular events and taking part in the culture that is currently expanding thanks to our beloved ‘Seventy Eight Records‘ among others. Maas is the movement!