dancing at de toko

The last Toko night from 2018 is coming closer and what a year it was! It is beyond our imagination what De Toko has become in such a short period of time and without you we couldn’t have made it. Therefor we want to show you our gratitude by sharing two mixes that were recorded at De Toko in anticipation of December 7th.


We were happy to host Marc twice this year! He played great alongside the Couscous Discous affiliate Pacifico and the Milanese wonderboy Federico, but he really shined when he played with Bwana on September 14th. ‘Ethnical grooves’ were on the menu and between the (faux) plants in the DJ booth this music went down as smooth as butter. Catch his recording below, it is worth it. With the colder months upon us, there’s need for some extra warmth. Thanks Marc!

Roy Habets

One of Linke Soto’s residents played alongside two of Maastricht’s new kids on the block. During the first time he warmed up for the lovely Octopus Garden, who had her debut at Muziekgieterij back on March 30th. We have a feeling she might be back in 2019. The other time was when he played with Aarre, better known as Mr. Detroit, on October 12th. During a night filled with hiphop, electro, house music and techno reminiscent of Detroit’s early days was when he pulled out his most special tracks to contribute to the Motor City’s legacy. At some point during the night it even felt a bit like being in the D., with the venue channeling those industrial vibes from way back.



And to complete the circle, we have two guys lined up for December 7th who are also having their second appearance at De Toko in 2018. Guillaume Colson, who played together with Jef Hecker back in February at our first sold out Toko, is back and this time we teamed him up with Pacifico. You know, the guy who helped bring everyone together from the Couscous Discous affiliates to the Love Foundation crew and every one else involved and invested in Maastricht scene. We cannot wait to end the year with a bang, what about you?