red light rave

New to the city or just visiting Maastricht and wondering what’s happening in Maastricht at night? We have got you covered with a guide to the city, so you can find out what’s going on and meet its most valuable players.

Local scene

You might not notice it straightaway, due to the historic centre and the classical image the city obtained thanks to André Rieu’s sold out concerts at Vrijthof square, but there’s a lot going on in Maastricht. It mostly starts with a so-called grassroots movement, in place like Pilzkiste, open air raves or house parties. Crews are being formed every day, but there a few that you should check out more closely.

Thanks to some really persistent crews the city’s scene has been steadily growing over the years. The Plata Morgana crew (formerly known as Seventy Eight Records) is one of them, but we definitely should not rule out the people at Claydrum, or ourselves, Linke Soto. Also the people affiliated with Cafe Zondag and Brandweerkantine, have been around for a while. Everyone’s contributing their bit and prospects are looking good for a city that has been too closely linked to a more posh lifestyle.


As one would expect from an emerging city like Maastricht, there a bunch of venues that take their job and their crowd seriously. Muziekgieterij for example, which we call our home base for Linke Soto and formerly De Toko, is among them. Located in a former joinery of the now defunct Sphinx factories, it’s a characteristic venue with loads of original parts still intact. In September 2019 the new parts of the Muziekgieterij will open its doors for Muziekgieterij 2.0, which are going to be more amazing. Among other clubs is Complex, that is located in the former ‘Platte Zoal’ and ‘Maastricht Music Hall’ closely to the Maas. They focus almost exclusively on electronic music and student nights. In the basement of the Student Hotel there have been parties going on as well, but that’s just piece of their contribution to the city.

Soto Club

Adding to Maastricht’s nightlife is Soto Club. With the new spaces opening up at Muziekgieterij, we’re taking the next step after we have been running Linke Soto for over 13 years. Expect a place where you can check out exciting local and international artists and meet with interesting people, just like got used to at De Toko. The dance floor stands for freedom, so come as you are.

Boiler Room

Maastricht might be small, but due to the city’s driving forces the city hasn’t gone unnoticed by the bigger organizations within electronic music. Boiler Room graced Maastricht with a visit multiple times now, showing that you don’t have to be a big metropole to showcase talent.

Sky bar

The other part of the Student Hotel is the amazing sky bar, which is located on the roof of the former Sphinx factory. It consists of the glass house with a bar and the roof, where you can play table tennis or chill out on of the benches. The view of the city is amazing and cannot be compared to anything else in Maastricht. The guys from Terra Nova Music pop up there once in a while, so keep an eye out for upcoming dates.


We have mentioned a few crews that have been active in the city for a while, but without artists there’s no foundation to build on. An overview of artists that have been around for a while and are actively contributing to Maastrichts nightlife and worth checking out: Disco Patrick, Sjang Kabang, Der Fünfte Roboter, Oliver Way, Flatspot, Mingus, Mâhfoud, Jef Hecker, Lewie, Perill and Tommen. Is it okay if we mention ourselves in here as well? We have been around for a while too: Dayak and Roy Habets. There’s more beneath the surface, like Couscous Discous and Love Foundation.

In case you miss anyone, a venue or other hotspots, feel free to reach out and we are happy to update this post.