joey anderson

We are luckily to have the chance to only book our favorite artists, but with Joey Anderson coming over to Maastricht on October 26th we are absolutely ‘buzzing’! Not only is this guy really hard to get a hold of, it has also been a long cherished wish that gets fulfilled on Dion’s (Dayak) birthday!

House dancer

Throughout the years we have been able to work and play with the likes of Levon Vincent, Anthony Parasole and DJ Qu. The former house dancer and DJ Qu’s youth friend had been on our shortlist for a period that feels like forever. When Lerato, the great person as she as, let us know that Joey finally was available we didn’t have to think twice and we were exhilarated to confirm his booking.


You might know his current releases on Dekmantel, but we came across Joey Anderson’s work first on the Deconstruct label by Levon Vincent and DJ Qu’s Strength Music. It wasn’t an easy task to label his music, but for us his music has become synonymous to New York and New Jersey’s fierce sound of the underground. That this guy is a true turntable wizard who easily blends techno and house music was an added bonus, and not a real surprise, so we had to make this trip to Muziekgieterij in Maastricht happen.


We loved his tribute to Prince in the Boiler Room a couple of years ago, when this musical genius had passed away only a few weeks before. Right after Joey Anderson started playing a mesmerizing set and everyone present held their breath for almost an hour. It’s just the effect Joey Anderson’s music has on people, when he’s playing the crowd like a real snake charme from behind the decks. Only a few brave men and women escape his hypnotic grip.


On October 26th the wizard is coming to visit Maastricht and we think that you don’t want to miss it. The vibe’s right, because next to Joey Anderson and Dayak local wonderboy Lewie will also play. Tickets are only €10 in presale and can be purchased via our ticket page.