This is Minggu

After almost two year of silence, we’re happy to announce the Minggu event series running from July 3 until August 21. Muziekgieterij’s backyard, a place we had been eying for years now, is the place where the magic is going to happen.

Local scene

Not just the main act DJs hadn’t had the chance to play any gigs, same goes for our local scene. Apart from several livestreams and a radio initiative Maastricht got really quiet. We now feel that it’s time to push the local scene again, because you don’t always need a big name DJ to have a great party. But it’s not just the DJs wanting to play, the local crowd is also craving for a good party. So Minggu is the place to meet each other again, or like we like to say it: Meet me at Minggu.


Inspired by the river banks of Berlin, we always wanted to do something called ‘Soto Fest’. But as the forseeable future is looking brighter every day, we started working with Muziekgieterij on a more intimate setting. A type of party that doesn’t work with a name like ‘Soto Fest’. Therefore we chose the name Minggu, which means Sunday in Indonesian.


Six events in the green oasis in the middle of the Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht, the times that we envy Nijmegen’s Waalstrandje are almost over! You can buy tickets for €7,50 a piece and you can buy them here.

July 2021
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